Fun and Fiestas

Phil’s has both indoor and outdoor seating and plenty of space for the entire family. We also have playscapes for the kids that might give you an opportunity to enjoy a bite or two in peace while keeping an eye on the kids.

Laws of the Land:
Please come and enjoy our playscape! We have a few rules to keep your children safe. The playscape is intended for children ages 3-12 and adult supervision is required at all times.

  1. No running, pushing or shoving.
  2. No barefeet, wear protective footwear.
  3. No jumping off play equipment.
  4. No climbing on outside of play equipment.
  5. No glass containers or alcohol i or around play equipment.
  6. Parents and guardians are responsible for injuries.

Celebrate Your Special Events:
We love having you celebrate special events at Phil’s! Both Phil’s Ice Houses are small spaces and we want to be respectful of our other customers, so we can only have parties Monday – Thursday from 3 – 5PM. The weekends are just too CRAZY. Please call a week ahead to schedule and no outside food or drinks are allowed (besides birthday cake of course!) Thanks in advance for understanding, we want EVERYONE to have a good time.