Special Announcements

Book your weekday catering event on EZCater!

Let Phil’s bring one of our burger bars to your business/group for lunch Monday through Fridays. Check us out on EZCater.

Small print: availability based on bookings.

Join Phil’s and Amy’s for a great event this Wednesday

Come to Phil’s and get KASH and cash

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Phil’s is excited to announce a partnership with KASH. What is KASH, you ask? KASH is a new payment platform that exists on your smartphone, that is not only super easy to use but, also rewards you for using it. For signing up you’ll receive $10 in credits toward your next purchase and after that you will receive 5.00 for every 100.00 you spend. Why KASH and not the old credit card or bank card? One it’s easy to use and lets you leave the purse in the car/at home, and it helps small businesses like Phil’s avoid the ridiculous credit card fees associated with processing.

The next time you’re in please ask one of cashiers about KASH.

TX Flood Relief Day at Phil’s


Join us June 10th, all day, for a burger and an opportunity to help those affected by the floods in the Wimberly area.

Phil’s is now offering Curbside!

In a rush and need to be somewhere but, have a hankering for a 78704 with onion rings? Just jump on your smart phone, send your order, pick curbside, follow then directions and we will bring it out to your car.

It’s also a great way to avoid the rain and hail!

Phil’s and Amy’s- a great place to host your fund raising event.

Did you know that Phil’s and Amy’s host “party-time” donation events. Conducted on most Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the year, our “party-time” events give you and your supporters the opportunity to earn a portion of sales for your approved event. Certain minimums need to be met (number of check-ins/purchases) and reservations have to be coordinated with the marketing team at Amy’s. If you’re interested please contact Amy’s at denise@amysicecreams.com

Phil’s Wins!!

Thank you to all of our phriends for voting Phil’s the “Best Restaurant to Take the Kids”. We truly love all our phamilies and the communities we’re in. Thank you again!

Order on-line using your Smart Phone/Tablet/PC or Mac- anyway you do it it’s easy.

Phil’s is excited to announce we have on-line ordering now!!! Just click on the icon on our homepage and you’ll be taken to an order page that will let you order and pay for all you favorite burgers and either grab and go or pre order and have it there waiting for you!

Parent’s Recess at all Phil’s Locations

Parent’s Recess!!- Take time to let the kids run around, enjoy a burger or dog while you kick back have a cold beverage or glass of wine and your own Phil’s Burger. Monday through Friday, from 3-5:30, featuring local beverages on tap served in an ice cold mug.

Twisted X opens new brewery and Phil’s is there.

Despite heavy rains and bitter cold the Twisted X and Phil’s team both celebrated Twisted X’s opening of their new facility in Dripping Springs. Although hot chocolate sales equalled burger and fry sales everyone had a great time and we look forward to having Twisted X back in all our locations.